Makeup sowie Schönheitsblog Montag Umfrage, Vol. 353

The makeup as well as beauty blog Monday Poll for December 29, 2014
Sie fragen sich vielleicht, “Also, was in der Tarnation dieses Montagabfrage ist sowieso!”

Nun, es ist nicht genau eine Umfrage. Es ist eher ein ständig weiterentwickelter (Abweichung?), Etwas zufällige Auflistung von Anliegen, die ich je nach Montagmorgen in den letzten sieben Jahren an den Besuchern angesehen habe. (Es ist wie ein Kickstart für Ihr Gehirn.) Ich habe es immer genossen, Ihre Antworten in den Kommentaren zu lesen, und ich hoffe, dass Sie gerne meine lesen.

I dislike to shop for…
For somebody who frequents house products so much, I really dislike buying for house stuff since I’m terribly indecisive when it comes to choosing stuff for walls, or for the furniture. It’s just I have this irrational concept that when I get like a pillow I’m gonna be stuck keeping that pillow for the next 20 years, as well as I can’t – so I stand there, like I’m actually in the aisle looking at all the pillows, however what if I don’t such as this blue seashell pillow when I’m like 55, I’ll still have to look at it till then, as well as it paralyzes me.

I like to shop for…
Everything else (other than house stuff), however shoes as well as makeup as well as kitty things especially. as well as coats.

Basically, I like buying for anything that will still in shape if my weight can fluctuate up as well as down.

Oh, as well as purses.

You have three minutes to freshen up your makeup, so what do you do?
Well, the very first thing I do is repair my wonky right brow, which is shorter than my left brow, so the tail end usually fades throughout the day…

So I’ll repair my right wonky brow, then I’ll provide my lashes a quick curl — however extremely gently, of course, since I don’t want to pull out any type of eyelashes. then I’ll throw on one more layer of mascara, as well as quickly rim my eyes.

Since I wear nude lips a great deal (just since they’re easier for me as well as I don’t have to offer with lip pencil or whatever), I’ll usually do one more layer of whichever nude lipstick or gloss or lip liner I occur to be wearing.

I type of like to be a bit shiny since I like my skin glowing, however if I have an additional 20 seconds or so, I’ll powder my forehead, which has a tendency to get a bit shinier than the rest of my face.

What’s the oldest thing in your wardrobe that you still wear all the time?
Years back (I believe it was 2007) when I interviewed Paris Hilton, I’d been out of the business workforce for a long time, so I had to get an interview outfit. I bought this fundamental black gown at H&M for like $20 that I still wear.

It’s black jersey, simple to pack. It’s not truly trendy… It’s type of one of those ageless cuts, got short sleeves, hits right above the knee. I can gown it up, I can gown it down, as well as it’s stretchy.

What are some things you’d like to do more of in 2015?
Mostly, I would like to forgive myself more. I tend to beat myself up psychologically for the things I do wrong, as well as I don’t want to do that so much, so I’d like to forgive myself more.

I’d likewise like to exercise more, however I don’t understand if that will necessarily equate into doing one more half-marathon, however I’d like to sweat more. I’d likewise like to see my buddies more, as well as establish my friendships more. as well as I’d like to do more new things.


Du bist dran. Nur kopieren sowie die Einhaltung der Bedenken in einen Kommentar mit Ihren Antworten einfügen. Ich sehe voraus, um sie zu lesen!

1. I dislike to shop for…
2. I like to shop for…
3. You have three minutes to freshen up your makeup, so what do you do?
4. What’s the oldest thing in your wardrobe that you still wear all the time?
5. What are some things you’d like to do more of in 2015?


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It’s the last Monday of 2014!


I’m halfway with my second cup of coffee as well as truly looking ahead to my run this morning, since I did not exercise at all over the Christmas break.

Well, I did exercise my mouth… as well as my tum. By repeatedly shoving great deals of sugary things as well as carby things into them.

Wie war dein Wochenende? Did you spend it with household or friends? Was it busy? Relaxing?


What about new Year’s? Per usual, I don’t have any type of plans yet. El Hub as well as I usually just go out to dinner, then come house as well as sit around, perhaps watch the sphere decrease at midnight. I keep telling myself to try something new this time, so perhaps we will. Wer weiß?

Ihre freundliche Gemeinschaft-Schönheits-Süchtiger,


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