Tarte lid Lock Clay Base 12-Hour Eye foundation

$21 Tarte lid Lock Clay Base
I think I’ve viewed too numerous lifetime films about women who are kidnapped and forced to live in terrifyingly small spaces, because I would really like to learn how to pick locks and crack safes.

Something about those skills is very appealing to me.


That reminds me: locks. Tarte has a new vegan, cruelty-free (of course) cream eye primer called lid Lock Clay Base on counters now for $21.

It comes in a cute little glass pot with a top that looks like petrified amber.



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$ 42.

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It’s a warm, opaque matte peachy beige, and I love the color. used as a base, it neutralizes some of the purple or blue on my lids, but you can also use it by itself as a shadow with the amazing side-effect of having it even out your skin.

It feels like a MAC paint Pot to me — dense and a sort of dry, which also implies that if I put too much on, it’s “Hello, Cake Town!” It’ll look thick and heavy, and then when you blend eyeshadow on top, your eye makeup looks even thicker and heavier.

Now that I think about it, lid Lock is like a warmer, peachier version of MAC Painterly paint Pot.

A stunning matte warm peachy beige

Mein Vorschlag? use very little, and if it still looks dry and heavy, cut down the amount you’re using by half.

Like numerous Tarte products, lid Lock includes Amazonian clay, and it helps powder and cream shadows last considerably longer. toward the end of the day, though, I typically do see a little fading and settling into my creases. The wear time is comparable to what I get from the MAC paint Pots, and if you like those, I think you’ll like this.

It doesn’t intensify the color of my shadows as much as NARS Pro-Prime, so I would recommend using lid Lock with neutrals, although you can completely also use it with brights.


I really like using it with my two Tarte fave palettes — Tartelette in Bloom and Make Magic Happen.

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