Oh, Stop, Chanel Joues Contraste Powder blush in Innocence! You’re Making Me (MAC) Blush, baby

wearing the new Chanel Innocence Joues Contraste Powder blush from the Chanel États Poétiques fall 2014 collection
“Oh, what’s this?” said the girl, plucking the blush from atop the makeup counter. From the pretty packaging, she could see it was a Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush. “I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

“That’s Innocence,” said the smiling sales associate behind the counter. “Go ahead, check it out.”


“Innocence ($45),” the girl repeated, feeling the smooth packaging in her hand. “Ooh, I love the Contraste Powder Blushes.”

When she pried open the compact, she couldn’t believe her eyes!

That’s MAC Blushbaby on the left and Chanel Innocence on the right
The blush staring back at her looked like MAC Blushbaby, one of her favorite MAC blushes of all time.


Cats & Makeup Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Jetzt einkaufen

“What the what!?”

Chanel Innocence and MAC Blushbaby: Are they exact dupes?

I freakin’ love Chanel Innocence, in part because it looks so much like Blushbaby, but it isn’t an exact dupe, which makes me like it even more. Innocence has just a tad more pink — Blushbaby a tad more beige — but I think both of them are totally worthy of your everyday makeup bag.

Joues Contraste blush in Innocence, $45
Chic cheeks and sophisticated pink

Just like MAC Blushbaby, Innocence brightens and lifts cheeks in a sophisticated way. It’s pink, but not a Barbie pink, or an overly obvious pink you might see on a doll’s cheeks.

It’s a elegant cheek (sorry, lame, but I had to go there!) you could wear all the time, and to almost any occasion — work, book signing, pool party.

Chanel Innocence (left) and MAC Blushbaby (right)
What do I love about Innocence?


Well…sort of, except the price, but that’s the way it is with Chanel.

It’s everything I love about Chanel’s Joues Contraste Blushes. It applies smoothly, without any patchiness, and it couldn’t be easier to blend, build up or sheer down.


Innocence’s soft, satiny finish looks almost matte to me, and it should work well with warm skin tones, amazing skin tones, and ladies (and lords!) of all ages. It’s basically a drama-free, foolproof blush.

The Joues Contraste blushes are some of my favorite things from Chanel

Sadly, it’s also $45 (MAC Blushbaby is $21).

Like the other Contraste Blushes, it’s expensive, but it sure is easy to use. When I apply any of the Joues Contraste Blushes, I know they’ll be with me all day. I think they’re among the best products in Chanel’s entire makeup line.

What to wear with Innocence?

This year there isn’t a quad in the fall collection, but if you’re looking for one, and you’re looking to stay within the Chanel fam, I highly recommend the Mystic Eyes quad from Chanel’s permanent collection.

It’s so pretty! I’ve had it for years, and you know, every time I open it, I re-fall back in love.

Chanel Mystic Eyes
Mystic Eyes contains two brown shades — a golden brown and a darker bronzy purplish brown — a silvery taupe (which looks outstanding with brown eyes) and a soft opalescent pink, which kind of looks like Atmosphere, the pinkish opalescent nail polish from the fall collection.

629 atmosphere Le Vernis nail color from the new Chanel Collection États Poétiques fall 2014 collection, available now online ($27)
For ideas: An easy eye

I’m actually wearing the Mystic Eyes quad in these pics here.

I blended the golden brown on my lids with a MAC 217, patted the pink along my brow bone and in the inner corners with a finger, and then smudged the darker brown on my lash lines, mixed with a bit of MAC Teddy, using an angled brush.

Easy, super chic, and it plays well with the rest of the pinks in the États Poétiques fall 2014 collection.

Additional makeup worn in this look: Tom Ford Brow Sculptor in Espresso (brows), Chanel Mystic Eyes Quad (eyes), MAC Teddy Eye Kohl (lash lines), urban Decay Perversion Mascara (lashes) and Chanel Rouge Coco shine in Intime (lips)
Where hath Innocence gone?


If you’d like to meet Innocence, you can find it at Chanel counters and online now at chanel.com.

Ihre freundliche Nachbarschafts-Schönheits-Süchtiger,


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