The most current From Nudestix for holiday 2014: makeup Pens and Pencils for casual comfort

wearing the new Nudestix Lip Pen in Bare Matte ($24) and the #GILTYLOVE holiday kit ($49), available now at Sephora
Eaack! Was war das?! Hast du es gesehen? I thought I saw something behind me…

Nun ja. egal. I guess it’s gone.


I was just about to tell you how much I like Nudestix, an upstart makeup line out of Toronto. I like how all of their stuff seems, I dunno, kind of unstructured and casual.

A quick swipe here, a little pat there and some blending with a fingertip, and voila! Sie sind fertig. but you still look like you put in some effort.

With these pieces on your lids and lips, no one will mistake you for something that just fell off a vegetable truck and rolled to the side of the road (an issue that plagues me often).


Cats & Makeup Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Jetzt einkaufen

It’s makeup to wear while you’re lounging next to a fireplace, sipping hot cocoa in a button-up flannel, leggings and a relaxing scarf, maybe also with some fuzzy Yeti slipper-boots, which your cat will hate with a passion (of Kurs). In other words, it’s casual makeup.

#GILTYLOVE holiday Kit, $49
For their first holiday collection ever, they’ve released a limited edition $49 set of three Magnetic Eye colors called #GILTYLOVE. (Did you just say “hashtag” out loud? because I absolutely did.)

The artwork on the tin, which houses three full-size creamy pencil eyeshadows in shimmery taupe Twilight, peachy gold Gilt and matte black Night, is by Canadian artist Jessica Gorlicky.

From the left: Magnetic Eye colors in Gilt, Twilight and Night
Gilt, Twilight and Night
I like to use these pencils as accents. like here, for depth and nuance, I’ve applied Twilight (the taupe) on my lower lash lines, night on my water lines and Gilt on my brow bones and in the inner corners. (Side note: I’m wearing Giorgio Armani Orient Excess palette on my lids, and that’s LORAC Front of the Line pro Line liquid eyeliner in Navy on my lash lines.)

Wearing Nudestix Lip Pen in Bare on my lips, Magnetic Eye color in night on my lower water line, Magnetic Eye color in Twilight on my lower lash line and Gilt on my brow bone and the inner corner
The $49 tin (a $72 value) is available now exclusively at Sephora stores and online.

The tin is joined by a new line of eight $24 Lip Pens (four matte, four gloss), but these are bound for the Nudestix permanent collection. like the tin, they’re available now online and at Sephora stores.

Nudestix Lip Pens in Bare Matte and Nudity Gloss, two of eight shades, $24 each
I’ve been using two of them, sheer brown Nudity Gloss and matte pinkish brown Bare Matte, with the latter feeling airy and light on my lips, which I like, but it also catches every little flaky bit…

Blast you, dry lips!

Nudestix Lip Pen in Nudity Gloss
As for Nudity, I’m a fan (haha). I like the non-sticky texture and glossy, high-shine finish.

Bare and Nudity
With both pens, which smell faintly of vanilla, I can feel a very subtle tingling sensation ideal after application. It fades over about 10 minutes.

Have you tried any Nudestix products before? If you have, what did you think?

Fröhliches Halloween! Let’s celebrate by napping…

Last night was my first run considering that the half-marathon two weeks ago, and it was just a short, slow one. My back had been aching, but it felt good enough again to work off some of the candy I plan to devour today and tonight, hehe.

After all, someone has to finish the last of the Fun-Size Snickers from the bag I allegedly gotten for the trick-or-treaters tonight.

Ihr freundlicher Nachbarschaftsberichtszusatz,



P. S Boo!

P.P.S. Tgif!

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